Meet the Team

Our mission at Electric Feel is to provide convenient, accessible and environmentally-friendly charging for all electric vehicle owners regardless of where they live. By offering our patent pending handheld electric vehicle charger we make electric vehicle ownership more convenient, encouraging more people to make this environmentally-friendly investment that will have a significant impact on carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.


Farah Brunache, Founder, CEO & Chief Maker

Brunache is a Maker with over ten years as a Program Analyst and Software Engineer. Named by The White House as an Emerging Global Entrepreneur and Founder in the Y Combinator Startup School of 2017, Brunache strives to invest in tangible and innovative solutions to our world's sustainability and social issues.

She began her career in infrastructure after her work fundraising and rebuilding neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. She started Electric Feel after owning an electric vehicle for years and discovering the lack of flexible charging options for electric vehicle owners.

As a self-taught electronics and software engineer, she has had a professional career in the United States Government and startups.


Doug Shamblin, Sr. Electrical Engineer

Shamblin has a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering. With a tenure at Cisco and Hewlett & Packard.