Electric Feel plans to offer for sale a portable electric vehicle charger (the “Charger”).  The Charger is only planned.  It is not yet available for retail sale and has never been manufactured.  Electric Feel will decide whether to manufacture and sell the Charger once product testing is complete.  Currently, Electric Feel expects to decide whether to manufacture the Charger in approximately August 2017.  If and when the decision is made to manufacture the Charger, Electric Feel expects to be able to ship the Charger around seven months thereafter, in approximately March 2018.

Electric Feel is offering interested persons the opportunity to reserve the option now to purchase a Charger in the future, if and when the Charger is made commercially available (the “Purchase-Option Reservation”).  The purpose of this offer is to gauge consumer interest in the Charger.    

If you choose to make a Purchase-Option Reservation, you will have the option to purchase the Charger for the special purchase price of $1,700 or lease at the monthly price of $75 if and when the Charger becomes commercially available.  This purchase price does not include the cost of shipping, handling and taxes.

Only a limited number of persons are being offered the opportunity to make a Purchase-Option Reservation at this time.

Your Purchase-Option Reservation does not guarantee that you will receive a Charger ever, or within a specific period of time; or that the Charger will be available for purchase ever, at any time.  In addition, a Purchase-Option Reservation does not require you to purchase a Charger ever, at any time. 


The cost of a Purchase-Option Reservation is $99.00 to own or $199 to lease.  If you choose to exercise the option to purchase or lease a Charger if and when the Charger becomes commercially available, such $99 cost will be credited toward the $1,700 purchase price. Or the $199 cost will serve as the deposit for the lease option.


You may make a Purchase-Option Reservation by completing the form available on Electric Feel’s reservation page. (https://www.electricfeel.co/pricing-electric-vehicle-drivers or https://www.electricfeel.co/pricing-fleets).

Once you have made a Purchase-Option Reservation, Electric Feel will send you an email update about the status of the Charger within six (6) months of your reservation, and from time to time thereafter. 

If Electric Feel decides whether or not to manufacture the Charger, it will notify you of that decision by email. 

·      If Electric Feel decides to manufacture the Charger:  

You will have the option to either (1) complete your reservation by pre-ordering a Charger for the special purchase price of $1,700; or provided a lease agreement and given the choose to sign and agree or (2) cancel your purchase-option reservation, at no cost to you, and receive a refund of the $99 or $199 cost of the Purchase-Option Reservation.

·      If Electric Feel decides not to manufacture the Charger: 

It will cancel your Purchase-Option Reservation, at no cost to you; refund you the cost of the Purchase-Option Reservation; and notify you of such decision, cancellation, and refund.


You may cancel your Purchase-Option Reservation at any time, at no cost to you.  To cancel, email info@electricfeel.co and state that you wish to cancel your Purchase-Option Reservation.  Electric Feel will process the cancellation and issue you a refund.

In addition, Electric Feel may cancel your Purchase-Option Reservation at any time, for any reason.  In such circumstances, Electric Feel will issue you a refund automatically. 

How your refund is processed depends on when you cancel your Purchase-Option Reservation. 

·      Cancellation within 60 days after making a Purchase-Option Reservation:  Your refund will be processed electronically.  The refund will post to your account within approximately five (5) to ten (10) business days. 

·      Cancellation more than 60 days after making a Purchase-Option Reservation:  Electric Feel will process your refund internally and mail you a check within five (5) business days.


At this time, the Charger is only in the design and testing phase.  It is not in production and has not been manufactured.  It is possible that the Charger will never be manufactured or offered for sale at any time. 

By making this offer, Electric Feel does not represent or warrant that the Charger has been manufactured, definitely will be manufactured, or will be manufactured or sold at any time.  Your Purchase-Option Reservation does not guarantee that you will receive a Charger.


When you make a Purchase-Option Reservation through the Electric Feel web shop, you will be providing Electric Feel with your personal information.  Electric Feel uses a service called Celery (https://www.trycelery.com) to process your Purchase-Option Reservation and complete the pre-order and ordering processes, if any. 

By making a Purchase-Option Reservation, you agree that Electric Feel may disclose your personal information to Celery for these purposes, and for other limited purposes necessary or reasonable in furtherance of your Purchase-Option Reservation.  Electric Feel’s collection and use of your personal information will be carried out subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy, available at https://www.electricfeel.co/privacyBy agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You also agree to the Electric Feel Privacy Policy.