The freedom to charge anywhere.


The only handheld electric vehicle charger that truly allows you to charge anywhere. VIYA is a patent pending handheld energy storage device that charges your electric vehicle. Allowing you to charge untethered to a wall or utility company.

VIYA is available for reservation. Keep your place in line with a deposit. Shipping and taxes not included. Expected delivery March 2018.

  • Power User
  • $ 75 / month
  • Lease & upgrade anytime
  • Price per charger
  • Plus a one-time $199.00 refundable deposit required. Deposit returned at end of term.
  • Reserve at $ 199**
  • Optional
  • $ 5 /month
    $ 50 /year
  • Data connectivity per charger
  • Remotely monitor and secure charger
  • Save with yearly subscription

*Reservation price of $ 99 will be credited to the total purchase price of $1700 prior to shipment.

**Reservation price of $ 199 will also serve as the refundable deposit for the lease term. At the end of the lease it will be refunded.

By reserving you are agreeing to the Purchase Option Reservation Agreement:



Step 1. Charge VIYA overnight (like you charge your cell phone at bed time)

Step 2. In the morning place VIYA in your trunk

Step 3. Charge throughout the day! (No installation needed. Utilize your existing charge cord to charge your electric vehicle with VIYA.)

Height: 13 inches
Base: 6.5 inches

29 lbs

Range extension
Up to 20 miles