Welcome to our Community!

This is a place for all of us to learn more about electric vehicles. We strive to maintain a friendly and informative environment for both electric vehicle owners and non-electric vehicle owners.

Our community takes place in Slack, more information below. It works in the same way discussion forums work – difference is that everything is much more streamlined and integrated with real-time discussions and shares of videos, gifs and online articles.

TL;DR: To sign up for our Community visit here: www.electricfeel.co/community. Once you complete the 5 second sign up form, an admin sends you an invite, you can then download the Slack desktop app or use the web browser version (www.electricfeelcommunity.slack.com) and sign in to stay on top of Community discussions.


How do I use Slack?

·      After you have signed up via the link above. Go ahead and download the Slack desktop app. Alternatively, you can login and use just the browser version via www.electricfeelcommunity.slack.com.

·      Once you sign in, you'll already be included in a bunch of helpful channels, such as #general, #random, #ev-events, #ev-news and #introduce-yourself. There are more, though! Click on Electric Feel Community on the top left and you'll see all the channels we have to offer.

·      Head into the #introduce-yourself channel and write a little something about yourself, if you have an electric vehicle, etc.

·      You can chat with others, mention them using @ (just like on Twitter), and even private message them to talk specifics about various topics.

·      Use the / command (just type in "/") to see what other cool things you can do, such as including GIFs and using the wiki. You can use /mute to turn down the volume on channels you're not as interested in, and desktop notifications will bring up things you want to hear about. You can change your notification settings here: https://electricfeelcommunity.slack.com/account/notifications#highlight_words_div.

·      Check out the Slack team settings. There's so much you can do to make this Slack team work perfectly for you.

o   You can even change your Slack color themes to your personal preferences!

§  Head to the top Electric Feel Community banner, hit Preferences, and then Sidebar Theme.


What kinds of conversations happen here?

We talk about all sorts of things related to electric vehicles. In this Community, you can, for example:

·      Share your videos, articles, Meetup group events and events in general regarding electric vehicles and more.

·      Ask others about their opinions on new electric vehicles makes and models.

·      Discuss tips about increasing your electric vehicle’s onboard battery range

·      Discuss charging infrastructure

·      Discuss home solar storage for electric vehicles

·      And much more

I just want to duck in because I have a question about Electric Feel’s product. Is this the place?

You are certainly welcome! In the coming months we will begin a private beta of our product. And we will share details in this forum as well as on our distribution list.

However, the best way to reach us for specific product questions would be to contact us directly via info@electricfeel.co.

Someone posted something that's offensive and/or rude. What do I do?

Let us know as soon as you can! You can message any of the admins: @electricfeel and @farah via Slack. We'll take care of it right away. No funny business here.

Speaking of funny business—what are the rules of this Community? Can you edit or delete my posts?

We take safety and inclusivity seriously in this Community. Although we won't edit your posts, admins can delete them. Our primary policy is to lead with respect on all counts. We reserve the right to delete posts that contain:

·      Rude or offensive commentary

·      Nudity or graphic content

·      Anything that can be described as "trolling"

·      Anything that can be described as "spammy"


Our Community guidelines are simple, but strict:

·      Always be supportive and helpful to others

·      Speak to others the way you'd like them to speak to you

·      Remember that we all started somewhere

·      Assume others' best intentions

We reserve the right to ban any members who have repeatedly made posts or comments that we deem offensive, rude, or go against these guidelines.

I have many more questions. Who do I go to?

Send us an email at info@electricfeel.co! We'll take it from there :)