Say hello, to VIYA.

The handheld electric vehicle charger.


Integrate handheld range extenders in your electric fleet's routes.

  • Ensure your electric fleet is always charged
  • Ensure your electric fleet's range is always prepared against unpredictable weather and traffic conditions that impact vehicle range


The freedom to charge anywhere.

VIYA is the only handheld electric vehicle charger that truly allows you to charge anywhere. Allowing you to charge untethered to a wall or utility company.

Installing hardwired charging infrastructure is not always practical based on location and costs.

VIYA easily supplements your charging needs without the overhead of physical infrastructure installation, upgrades, utility rates and local permitting.

The seamless addition for your drivers.

Operating a fleet already has its challenges - don't let range anxiety be one of them. VIYA provides the piece of mind for your drivers.

Planned routes get interrupted by unpredictable weather and traffic conditions.

Take control with our mobile application that dynamically matches and updates scheduled routes based on our charger's battery levels and your vehicle's onboard range.



Transparency for fleet managers.

You'll have the option of a Wi-Fi or 3G connected charger. Remotely monitor and secure your chargers at your operations center, satillete locations or in the field.


Interactive & Dynamic Reporting.

  • Easily track expenses

  • Generate reports on carbon footprint & energy use

  • View electric miles driven

  • Easily scale up or down chargers in the field based on routes and energy consumption needs