Innovate Now, a blog by Electric Feel, explores ways for entrepreneurs and communities to enjoy ways to better contribute to society through knowledge, awareness, and products designed just for us.


I am a sucker for hardware so it makes sense that I started my business to have a direct impact on the products that we use.

Four years ago I purchased an electric vehicle and was living it up for the first year, enjoying the freedom of not paying for gas (did you know that 70% of imported oil in the U.S. goes to transportation with 65% of it used exclusively for individual vehicles!).

But the honeymoon ended when I discovered the unreliability of public charging stations, their uptime was horrific (I came across stations that were out for 6 months!), many were inaccessible (non-electric vehicle drivers blocking stations) and they were not user friendly (push a button and nothing happens without an error message or push a button to the left something on the screen turns on to the right).

So I turned my enthusiasm for electric vehicles into a business who is set out to make electric vehicle ownership easier through products made just for us and to the non-electric vehicle owners, convince them to come to the “green” side and let them know that reliable charging is on its way and electric vehicles are in fact practical.

This blog is for the engineer, the aspiring entrepreneur, the tech blog reader, the avid DIY-er, or anything in between in connecting with like-minded innovators looking to make a direct impact on everyday living and saying goodbye to the status quo of products and services not designed for us.

Thank you for reading!

Farah | @uxfarah